Head up

Hi my name is Luke and  right now I am walking past my door when I just realised today just today everyone had there head up.what does that mean.I go to the shops and I  see even the shopkeeper had his head up.everyone was looking at the sun hmm 🤔 strange. I go back home and check the calendar It says head up day.why dose it say HEAD UP: DAY!! It does not make sense i go go to see the sun nothing different then I saw what they were looking up at THE he’d up statue!!! I get

The  end

The jungles word

The jungles word

One day I was walking home from school and then suddenly I walk then I see this strange box that came out of nowhere. Just lying on the, floor it looked pretty old for a box with a lot of dust. written in clear words on the box were  the jungles word. I lifted the it was way heavier that I expected.

It was around about 5 kgs. When I arrived home changed an opened the box. I see this thing it was the board for the game. I put the box under my bed.3 hours later I ask friend to play I open the board and roll the dice…