The unknown house

I get thrown into a house, more clearly into a house that looks the roof will hit my head. It’s 2 storey. I walk up to the stairs trying to think if I should trust the stairs. I go up the stairs about the 6th stair up my legs breaks through the stairs I collapse onto what looks cupboard. I jump off the cupboard. To my surprise there were lots of stuff to borrow.  There were stuff like antiques, gold and sliver. I take one little step forward and apparently the house did not like it so the wooden floor broke.

The awsome game saver

Only five minutes from on clock and it’s 5 to ten 7, the other team has the ball and he is just in front of the half court line, and he shoots. A terrifying thought went through my head, It was that if that ball went through the hoop we can’t win. The thing is in basket ball there is no way you can get two three pointers in two minutes. The good thing is that the ball bounced of back board and conveniently into my hands, I run in front the half-court line and shoot. The next thing I know the team is cheering for me.