The spoiled one



The person wakes up in a room with 15 posters, 3 pc’s , 5 shelves full of pc games, one 90 inch tv, two of the latest xbox’s, one playstation 5, 13 shelves full of console games. And 3 iPhones one for music, one for games, one for calling. By now you know he is spoilt. The name of him is Jake bell.

He asks “what’s for breakfast?”, someone replies cereal. Jake shouts “NO NO NO NO NO!!! I WANT BACON AND EGGS !!!” “If you complain your grounded!”  Jake grunted. He was whining. This was only the start of the day.



Have you ever been in prison but it’s not really prison? Well I mean lockdown. Not because of some outbreak, not because of a manhunt but because of LEAVES you heard me LEAVES. There all over the place. They flooded the place so we can’t even open our door. I haven’t when’t outside for guess how long 1 month. It’s not fair, government isn’t cleaning the leaves. We do something called e learning. It stands for electric learning. The lights flicker I freak out. The government says the power will be out for at least two days. And worse the windows are blocked and it’s pitch black. I gulp.

War memorial


Fighting in the war wasn’t always rare, my dad fought in the war he was sergeant. Sadly he passed away. It isn’t always rare for you’re family members to hear you last words before you go to war. Like my dad, he was rich and famous. Because he passed away they have a big statue located in the middle of my country. After my dad died my only goal was to go to war and defeat the people who killed my farther. So here I am standing in the middle of attacking japan. But before I know it in the leg and in the arm and I’m down.

Prison break



It was a minute ago that I was declared a fugitive. I punched a guard in the face, beat up two annoying cell mates. I ran outside the building to the nearest person, I had enough energy to pant “where is the nearest shops?” . The man’s reacted as if he was being threatened for tonnes of money. His hand was shaking as he pointed to a game store. I ran there and hid behind it. I could hear the words “spread out and find him!” I heard footsteps. Each step became closer. I closed my eyes and opened them. There was a man in front of me pointing a gun.

The house

The house 3


I said back “no I was” he put his face right in front of mine and said that “if you don’t tell the truth. Before he said the last few words, my mind pleaded that these words were his last, so be it. Since his face was so close I banged my head on to his,  his face was bleeding a lot. He threw me out of the building. It was a pointy thin building it looked a lot different in the inside, it looked like it was about to collapse. And I where new I exactly was.

The house



After what felt like an hour I am in a room, tied to a chair the room in a filled with darkness. A split second of light then it’s off. After this happened about 5 times a man appeared he was wearing a ski mask. He was holding a gun to my head and said “describe what you were doing at that house or these will be you’re last words”  in a deep voice. I said “ okay but if I say don’t shoot”, he agreed. I said “ I was there to rob the house”, he punched me in the faced and I was out.

The house

The house


I was targeting Number 29 Doughnut street.  Stealing from this house was not a big deal. The house was abandoned basically because the owners passed away from a car crash. I am in front of the house the gate is wide open I go in. I see a vase. I throw it in my bag. I go a little deeper in the house I see a wardrobe I open it. JACKPOT!! All the jewels must be kept here. I through it in my bag. I hear a noise of foot steps I look back but it’s too late I’m hit in the head I’ve lost consciousness.

My lunch

One day I walking to school thinking about what I have for lunch  then a idea pops in my head. Would you rather have cucumber with nutella or popcorn with jam ,any jam even the worst in the world. That is the same as asking would you be Voldomort or harry potter. I get to school and wait for lunch I don’t pay attention to the teacher and she is talking about the test tommorow the bell rang and I open my lunch box and sit to see nutella in bread for my lunch. WHat. But I like maramite though!

the end.

Head up

Hi my name is Luke and  right now I am walking past my door when I just realised today just today everyone had there head up.what does that mean.I go to the shops and I  see even the shopkeeper had his head up.everyone was looking at the sun hmm 🤔 strange. I go back home and check the calendar It says head up day.why dose it say HEAD UP: DAY!! It does not make sense i go go to see the sun nothing different then I saw what they were looking up at THE he’d up statue!!! I get

The  end

The jungles word

The jungles word

One day I was walking home from school and then suddenly I walk then I see this strange box that came out of nowhere. Just lying on the, floor it looked pretty old for a box with a lot of dust. written in clear words on the box were  the jungles word. I lifted the it was way heavier that I expected.

It was around about 5 kgs. When I arrived home changed an opened the box. I see this thing it was the board for the game. I put the box under my bed.3 hours later I ask friend to play I open the board and roll the dice…