Trapped in a ship



If locked in a  kidnapped and lock in a ship for two days is not enough for a action movie, your probably the guy that wants to see the world end and you still living. Two men were blackmailing me for a million pounds. And replying “english please” was not a good idea. They did not know that a S.W.A.T with a team standing right in front of the door. They always said NYPD you’re under arrest. This time they had now guns and dislocated both peoples arms.  They threw them to the floor. This was just on of a million cases.

The spoiled one



The person wakes up in a room with 15 posters, 3 pc’s , 5 shelves full of pc games, one 90 inch tv, two of the latest xbox’s, one playstation 5, 13 shelves full of console games. And 3 iPhones one for music, one for games, one for calling. By now you know he is spoilt. The name of him is Jake bell.

He asks “what’s for breakfast?”, someone replies cereal. Jake shouts “NO NO NO NO NO!!! I WANT BACON AND EGGS !!!” “If you complain your grounded!”  Jake grunted. He was whining. This was only the start of the day.